Louisiana Magic

For the last two weeks we have had almost constant company and my allergies have been kicked into high gear.  Before you pity me, know that I love entertaining.  Having company gives me a chance to get to know people better, share my home and family, reconnect with old friends and enjoy the place I live.  Having allergies and pollen blizzards aren’t as fun

Anyway, our friend Frank left today after a nice, quiet visit.  We did all the touristy things we could and ate like kings.  My favorite part was driving all over Acadiana with the windows down while singing along to great music on the radio.  We couldn’t have asked for better weather or more laughs.

One of Frank’s favorite things when he comes here is to have Sunday brunch at the Blue Dog Cafe.  For about $25 a head you get the unlimited buffet of your dreams, free mimosas, live music and a satisfied, full belly.  The restaurant is born from the art of George Rodrigue, made famous by his Blue Dog series of paintings, and the food is unique fusion.  A little Cajun and…I don’t know.  Whether you are a fan of his work or not, the food and atmosphere won’t disappoint.  Oh, and have the Louisiana Purchase!

Naturally, we saw some of my favorite Louisiana natives.

I know you have guessed that I am a bird nerd, so here are a few shots I took over the last week.

We were able to head to Cypermort Point and saw a giant, but camera shy, hog, watched the sea grass sway in the breeze and we inhaled the clean sea air.

Frank was tempted, but opted to buy the shrimp and go with a flat top cut instead.


The trees are all so amazing in the basin and our greenery so diverse in beauty.

We watched the worst movie ever and relaxed by the pool a lot.  We went to dinner at the Sizzling Monkey and the Parks Cracklin Festival, but otherwise gave into our age and retired by 9pm most nights without shame.  This allowed me to see the misty sunrise the other day.

I would say I am recharged and ready to get back onto my blogging horse.  I am so blessed in family and friendship and glad to be reminded that, even though nothing will replace my Rocky Mountains, I live in a beautiful place.




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