The Friday That Got Away From Me

Good Saturday morning to ya!’  I apologize to you for missing Friday’s post, especially since it was to be a really good one (at least, I’m sure it would have been).  However, yesterday I walked outside to open the greenhouse at 6 am and heard a chorus of chaos coming from the chicken coop.  I quickly discovered that a raccoon had gotten in and that we’d lost a hen.  Try as I might to be “tough homesteader gal,” I was fairly upset.  I can’t believe that I didn’t hear the racket from in the house and what a terrifying ordeal that must have been!  And wouldn’t you know, it was the one hen we actually named?
After their nightmare, only one chicken would leave the coop before 10 am and my big, bad Roster Cogburn stayed up in his roost until almost noon. 
Naturally, Jamie wasn’t here so I had to deal with it myself and then my ADHD took over.  Cleaning up the disaster led to pressure washing the deck which led to picking up fallen branches around the yard and burning them.  That led to cleaning the pool which led to building a table/shelf unit for Jamie to use in his truck sleeper.   I picked up Jamie and then the whole family headed out to shore up the coop with enough hardware cloth to keep out a zombie hoard.
Then I made dinner on the grill.  The end.
Anyone else notice that the big stuff usually hits the fan when the spouse is out of town?  People call me a Renaissance woman, but the truth is that you have to learn to do it all when your husband is always gone.  I don’t mind, I promise, but curse that Murphy’s Law!
Anyway, I’ll be back Monday, so you all have a wonderful weekend. 


P.S. This may not be my finest post as I am writing it on my phone, in bed, propped up with pillows and a heating pad on my back. Hmm. I wonder why my back hurts?

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