Saturday Crawfish Boil

It’s that time of year, people!  Time for me to impress my husband with my ability to inhale vast quantities of my favorite crustacean (I won his heart 17 years ago when I ate almost ten pounds on our first date).  Of course some of you may not be able to get your hands on this fantastic feast, BUT there are many places that will ship live crawfish if you are looking to give it a shot.

Join me as I walk you through a typical boiling day…well, we normally steam them.

Step 1

Decide the day before your husband is set to leave for a 2 week orientation class in Alabama that you need to have a crawfish boil.  Call your awesome crawfisherman cousin and get yourself a sack ordered.  Everybody split up and run for last minute items.

We went with:

40 lbs live crawfish

5 pounds potatoes

2 onions

3 lbs smoked sausage

liquid and powdered seafood boil seasoning 20160305_185228-1.jpg

Extra powder boil, Tony’s and Cajun Chef hot sauce for finish

A 20 pound weight

Step 2


Open your first beer and get those crawfish purged in salt water.  Change the water, adding more salt, until it stays clear.  Chances are you’ll need a second beer at this point.

While the crawfish are purging, make sure your big pot is clean and fill with about 2 inches of water, liquid and powdered seasoning.  Place the lid on the pot with the 20 pound weight on top of it and turn on your burner.

Freak out and run to the store since you just realized that you are out of propane.


Okay, now you’re back from the store, the new tank is connected to your burner and we’re on to the next.

Step 3

Realize that since there has been a steady influx of neighborhood kids into the house and yard all day, you totally forgot to prep your vegetables, buy sausage and make dip.  It’s time to run back to the store and buy that sausage.

Step 4

Okay, now you’re back from the store…again.  Make the dip after cutting the sausage and peeling the onions. 20160306_100641-1.jpg

Dipping Sauce Indredients

1 1/2 cups mayonnaise or Miracle Whip

1/3 cup ketchup

1/4 cup Cajun Power Garlic Sauce (a mild Frank’s-type sauce can work)

2 TBSP Tony’s

Mix well and adjust to taste.

Step 5

Open a beer, make sure your lid and 20 lb weight are on the pot, turn on your burner and wait for the steam to start escaping in wisps.  Add your veggies and sausage in a metal colander for easy removal.  Replace the lid and the weight and wait for the steam to start escaping again.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.

Remove the colander and add the live crawfish to the removable basket and place into your pot.  Place the veggie colander on top, then replace the lid and weight, taking care to avoid major, agonizing steam burns.  Should you sustain a major burn, open another beer and wait for the pot to start steaming again.  Set your timer for five minutes.

Step 6

When the five minutes are up, remove the colander and crawfish to a large, clean ice chest.  Sprinkle liberally with Cajun Chef Hot Sauce, Tony’s and some of the powdered seafood boil.  Coat by stirring and shaking cooler.

Realize that you normally don’t drink beer and that you might be a wee bit tipsy.  Switch to water for a while.

Step 7

Take a moment to briefly panic about how you’re going to feed the 14 people you see before you when you had only planned for 7.  Now relax.20160305_153802-1.jpg

Scoop liberal amounts onto giant plates or dump it all onto a table covered with a plastic table cloth or newspaper for easy clean up.  Feed all the stray kids who’ve shown up and then grab some for yourself.

Open a beer, place a roll of paper towels close by, get yourself some dip and commence peeling and eating.  DO NOT be alarmed by the zen-like peace washing over you.  Enjoy it while it lasts as it will quickly dissipate when you realize those freaking kids are cleaning out the ice chest!

Step 8

Realize that you have defied all odds and are now full, with leftovers in the ice chest.  Either peel the tails and freeze them or admit that the beer and food have made you lazy and that your best course of action is to bag the leftovers, jump on the 4-wheeler and deliver happiness to your neighbors.

Step 9

Kick back, relax and fill those coolers with soapy water until tomorrow.  Watch the sunset and count your blessings.


Optional Step

After sunset, facilitate an impromptu dance party in the garage with 4 and 7-year-old girls.  Take great pride sustaining little to no injury from the cartwheels you didn’t know you could still do.








6 thoughts on “Saturday Crawfish Boil

  1. 1. You are my hero
    2. I don’t drink beer, is there a recommended alternate?
    3. Do you really have to suck the heads?
    4. Did I mention you are my hero?


    1. 1. I love you
      2. I don’t drink beer either, except at 1 or 2 boils a year, so often substitute Mike’s, wine or water.
      3. Though I an told the fat in a crawfish head soaks up all the yummy seasoning, there is not enough money on the planet to make me try it.


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