That’s No Moon! It’s a Charging Station!

In case you haven’t noticed, even though I’ve been stuck in the recipe rut for a while (my waistline will attest to this), I am a little OCD.  Though we regulate video games and save them only for the weekend (if earned through chores and behavior), the kids have tons of online homework every night (:-/).  This means a tablet for everyone and the annoyances which come along with trying to keep them charged, in a central location and to not lose the chargers.

I also admit that I have been horrible lately about playing on my phone or Kindle in bed every night and I wanted to have a place to put them that was out of my reach.  I used to devour books nightly and lost my way for a while…Again with the first world problems.

Anyway, my need for organization drove me into the garage with a plan.  I had a 2″ X 4″ frame which I’d built for a cat tower that I’m slowly, very slowly, working on and so I decided to re-purpose it.  I took shelf boards, cut them to fit into the frame and screwed them on an angle.  I put a 1″ X 2″ lip on the bottoms of the shelf boards, with angle trim to hold the devices in place and drilled holes into the bottoms through which to feed cords.

Finally, I used industrial Velcro to adhere a power strip to the bottom and cut groves to feed cords through the back side, thereby avoiding the giant mess of cords which usually plagues me.

I’m not done painting it, but I feel like another trip to Home Depot this week would just be sad (people seem to think I work there now), so I used paint I had on hand.  Yes, it’s 2 different colors because pickins’ were slim.  Don’t judge!

I’m loving this though!  My inner Adrian Monk was looking over and smiling at it until I drifted off to sleep last night.  Hope this inspires you!

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